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Thank you supporting the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters. Our Association is a nonprofit organization representing our membership of Professional Fire Fighters, Fire Fighter Paramedics and EMTs throughout the state in a proactive approach to fire safety programs and enhancing fire safety and emergency medical laws.


We represent the individual members, not the fire departments who employ them, and rely on supporters like you to continue our programs.

The proceeds we receive from our fundraising go into our general operating account to run our Association and will also support the many outstanding programs of our Association, some of which include:

• On going support and efforts for improved fire safety equipment, modern firefighting methods and to  enhance job safety and help reduce the number of fire fighters who get injured and killed.

• Support of local and national burn camps for children injured by fire.

• Working with local and state governments for improved fire safety, hazardous materials and emergency medical laws to make Michigan a safer place to live and raise our families.

Clearly, fire fighters hold one of the most hazardous occupations based upon ratings of death and injury in the line of duty. By working with the citizens of our communities, we hope to change these statistics. Your contribution will assist us in being able to attain our goals, which are so vital in helping the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters make Michigan a safe place to live, work and enjoy recreational activities.


On behalf of the entire membership of the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters, we gratefully acknowledge and appreciate your participation and support. We will continue to work diligently to warrant your support.

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