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Thank you for supporting the South Dakota Peace Officers’ Association. You may know that our organization is composed of law enforcement officers from agencies and departments located throughout the state. Our organization was founded in 1931 and has been an active participant in the South Dakota law enforcement community for over eighty-five years.


The Association is dedicated to promoting law enforcement in South Dakota by sponsoring training sessions for peace officers, providing a forum for the exchange of duty experiences and maintaining a presence at the legislature in Pierre. Our efforts are designed to help members provide quality law enforcement services to South Dakota’s citizens.


In order to conserve resources, the South Dakota Peace Officers’ Association does not maintain an administrative office. Your pledge will fund the sponsorship effort and assist South Dakota Peace Officers’ Association operations, member services and activities. Some of these include:


• Promoting the “Spirit of Six” cheerleader award

• Ballistic Vest Program, in which a free ballistic vest is supplied to     an officer who otherwise would not be issued one

• Presentation of the Coler-Williams Award to a deserving                   graduate of each basic law enforcement academy class.

• Providing law enforcement officers with educational and training     seminars, beyond those provided through the work place


Again, the South Dakota Peace Officers’ Association gratefully acknowledges and appreciates your participation and support.


Thank you for your donation!

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